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"My Annual Adwords budget is $20K and I was averaging around 350 conversions/year. I was frustrated with Adwords until I contracted Troy in Feb. of 2011. He stayed in constant contact with me and described his Adwords optimization activities. I saw conversion and leads improvement in the first month and now we’re averaging over 1100 conversions/year using the same existing annual $20K Adwords Budget. Troy’s Website marketing consulting tripled the leads from my Adwords account and the results have been simply amazing.” Robert Rogers  Sunbelt Solar Energy Inc.

Google Adwords offers vast advertising opportunities. The program enables businesses to target customers that are already hunting for your services. You probably don’t have time to master the profit potential of Google Adwords advertising. Even if you did have the time to create a complex ad campaign successfully your time and money would be better spent working on onsite flow improvements to increase conversion rates.

  • Market research and competitor analysis to create a durable competitive advantage
  • Keyword research to drive targeted traffic to your site
  • Develop campaign level keyword list to instantly increase click through rate
  • Optimize conversions or leads by manually adjusting CPC bid rates to get the most bang for the buck
  • Execute structural changes to campaigns and ad groups to improve quality score, click performance, and cost per action

Organic website marketing, Adwords management, and Link building are my core product lines. Improve your (ROI) with flexible Adwords management plans to fit any budget. No lengthy contracts try me for a month. To get started just fill out my free evaluation form. Upon receipt of your contact form I'll personally respond with ideas to improve your business through Adwords management and website flow optimization. Or call (941) 586-2175 and ask for Troy.

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  • ​Website flow analysis to identify communication weaknesses and potential opportunities for site flow optimization
  • Build backlinks to improve quality score and organic rank on search engines
  • Attract highly qualified customers that are hunting for your services
  • Create negative keyword filters that gradually increase campaign efficiency and ROI

Sarasota AdWords Training Program

Are you interested in learning how to increase your conversions using your existing daily budget?

I offer individual AdWords classes and help you make changes to your specific ad campaign while on the phone or in person. Yes. If you live in the Tampa Bay area or near Sarasota I would be happy to conduct an in person class instructing you on how to dramatically increase your ROI. Classes are 2hrs. and are one on one with your instructor. That’s me. I’ll teach you how to identify patterns that will increase your monthly clicks without increasing the monthly dollars spent. Additionally you will learn how to set up negative keyword filtration. You might not even know it but you are probably getting clicks right now that are unwanted. Try this go to Google and perform a search with one of your keywords to see your ad. Now perform the same search again but this time add “jobs Sarasota, FL” for example if one of your keywords was Plumber search for “plumber jobs Sarasota, FL”. Who do you think is searching when they perform that search? Job seekers. This is a perfect example of a negative keyword that costs you money & keeps clients from clicking on your ad. Hiring an AdWords trainer will help you shape & optimize an ad campaign that produces better & better returns over time. An in person class starts at just $90 & lasts 2 hours. During class we will actually work on optimizing your ad campaign together so in addition to learning how to improve your campaign it will actually work better right after class.


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